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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  salsa, papaya salsa
certain people make fun of me because i pronounce salsa with a soft 'z' sound on the second syllable. but that doesn't stop those same certain people from devouring this salsa like the ravenous bugbladder beast of traal. this is a summer recipe that freezes well -- perfect for mid-winter blahs -- offered in this final week of summer in the hope you can still find some ripe papaya and enjoy.
combine papaya, bell pepper, red onion, serrano or jalapeno, cilantro and orange juice in a bowl
season with salt to taste
best if it sits refrigerated a bit


with regards to the hot peppers, if your market carries fresh jalapeno or serrano peppers there's no reason not to use them. i have a box of disposable gloves that i use for handling peppers -- the oils can really sting sensitive areas around the eyes and nose. you need to dice them very fine so the heat get disbursed throughout. serrano are the next step up in heat from jalapeno. also, the heat is in the seeds and membrane, so remove those if you want less heat.

this stuff is good with chips.
it's good on nachos.
it's good on top of turkey burgers.
i would eat it on baked fish.
i would pair it with strong cheese.
i would top grilled meats with this.

i would not recommend it as a smoothie base.
Two Things .... [from Zuska, who hates blogger beta right now]

first of all, I don't MAKE FUN OF YOU for saying salzzza, I LOVE the way you say it. I'm sure you will recall that on the rare ocassions that you actually said "salsa" - i complained. loudly.

second!!!! why are you calling me names?

third!!! I have eyed it in the freezer while making smoothies - but haven't been able to picture how cilantro and onion would hit Emz' and my sensitive morning tongues ;)

love & kisses!
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