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Monday, December 18, 2006
  soy is gay
or rather, soy makes you gay.

that's not me talking, that this nutter over at the conservative website i hate linking this story because i'm not really up for giving wackos more traffic but i think this has to be read directly to be believed.

question: if this is true, why isn't china overrun with millions of gay citizens? could his counter-argument possibly be that a communist nation is better at keeping their homosexuals repressed? doesn't seem likely, nor does it explain japan.

no, wait! i get it! china is communist because it's been feminized over the years by soy! yeah! chairman mao was a lady!

i shake my head and wonder. i know there are people that will buy this hook, line and sinker, fearing their socially and dietary conscious friends and families are slowly becoming gay. and you know what?


let the tofu-fearing conservatives live in fear. it'll do them more harm in the long run, health-wise, and if it gives them comfort to say "yeah, well, having cancer and heart disease sure beats becoming feminized by soy" while in the hospital, so be it.

soy bomb, baby! yeah!
(and a side of dylan)
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