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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
  sad leftovers & strange dips
so due to the hecticedness of our lives here tonight was a leftover night. and if i hadn't called for a leftover night we'd have only been contribution to the gluttony of the fridge while at the same time wasting a lot of perfectly good food.

the girls were about to fight over the remain shepherd's pie until i suggested they split it and supplement with some noodles and sauce. yeah, it's a bit starchy, and they'll probably be groggy or crabby (or both) in the morning from a carb headache, but they ate well and got enough protein and were more willing to deal with leftovers than they have been in the past, so i let the starches win.

zuska arrived after they ate and she had some leftover chili. chili is usually best the next (or two) after it's cooked once the flavors have really had a chance to blend.

i had a quesadilla. then i had some salami with cheese. what i really wanted was some of that sauce with some pasta but, duh, i gave that up for lent. nothing seemed really exciting once i realized what i wasn't having, thus the boring lite veggie-less dinner.

i should be eating better. honestly.

meanwhile, over at slashfood there's a bit about a recipe for a dip overheard from the dick van dyke show. the dip involved avocado, peanut butter and mustard. there's some speculation that the dip was a fabrication (it was a comedy show after all) but also a shout-out to any and all who would be willing to make, taste and report back.

uh, not quite.

but it reminded me of a recipe book i have (somewhere, damn it!) called OLEMALUMA
(Bottoms Up!): The Amateur Bartenders Hawaiian Friend, Exotic and Plain Mixed Drinks and Canapes From the Entire Pacific Area and The Orient by South Seas Scotty. It's from a pre-war era, where the islands were exotic and still relatively untouristed.

among the classic (and not-so-classic) beverages there's a short little recipe that has always seemed strangely compelling to me. I also found it in an 1930's edition of The Joy of Cooking, which leads me to believe it isn't as odd as it seems to me
  • Toast rounds of bread on one side.
  • Spread the untoasted sides with peanut butter
  • Cover them with very thin strips of bacon and broil them under a quick flame until the bacon is crisp
okay, that's pretty straightforward, and yet i can't quite wrap my mind around peanut butter and bacon. it's a little like some sort of doggie treat. and i'm the guy who makes himself peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches -- crispy and salty with the peanut butter-y, just not bacon-y. and a quick look on google shows that the paenut butter, bacon and banana sandwich isn't uncommon. not as compelling!

but given some of the recipes i've seen from between the wars in the US -- depression era recipes are, well, truly depressing -- it seems entirely plausible for there to be a recipe for an avocado, peanut butter and bacon dip.

now, if i only had the nerve (and the arteries) to try it.
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