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Thursday, October 12, 2006
  curry peanut chicken
so i followed up the mac 'n cheese with this recipe last night, courtesy of elise at simply recipes. i don't know why i've shied away from thai-style curry dishes -- fear of culinary failure? -- but this provided a nice entry into the ease of possibilities.

for the record, i used jalapeno instead of serrano chilis and cut the number in half. an untried spicy recipe in this house has to pass the lips of an 8 and 10 year old and there's no sense cooking for kids if they can't/won't eat it. as it stands, they loved it. went back for seconds. everyone did. not a leftover in the house to prove it was ever made.

i'm now on the lookout for a nice green or yellow coconut curry. that and some satay with peanut sauce and i may never order-out thai again.
I, too, have been afraid of Thai dishes. It's so delicate and complex.. and it's totally foreign to the American style of things. My favorites are red curries, but I have never grown the cahones to try one. If you ever dare, I'd love to see how yours would come out.
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