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Monday, December 18, 2006
  tagged! the christmas/holiday song meme

i got tagged by lyco on this one. i am of two minds about this particular meme in that (a) this is the first time i've been tagged, which is good, and (b) i once worked retail. if you've worked large corporate retail during the holiday season then you know what i'm talking about; holiday muzak pumped into your ears 40-plus hours a week while battling the front lines of the consumerist holiday assault.

that said, i've had a few years break and seem to have recuperated from the aural damage. i even managed to put together a playlist of over 3.6 hours of the damn stuff for my ipod. but a quick glance at the list shows that i seem to be avoiding most mentions of jesus and god and all the stuff christmas is about. not to rain on anyone's sanctimonious parade, but my faves appear to be holiday music in the sense that they get played during the "holiday season" but not necessary about christmas per se. it isn't political, it's just my personal bent. don't like it? get bent yourself.

with that, fanfare please...

1. "What Child Is This" Vince Guaraldi Trio from Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
2. "Marshmallow World" Dean Martin (tie with "Baby It's Cold Outside?")
3. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Andy Williams
4. "My Favorite Things" either John Coltrane or Grant Green
5. "The Christmas Song" Nat King Cole Trio, 1954 version with small string section

i probably could have made it a top ten list and 8 of them would be truly old oldies. what can i say, the old stuff got stuck in my sticky brain long ago and isn't getting displaced by the likes of some american idol winner. okay, call me a crusty old man, i can take it.

okay, time to tag others
virtual t? mo? anyone else who isn't already tagged?
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