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Monday, October 16, 2006
  grilled cheat and creamy tomato shuck
i'm currently at a dry spell for what to cook. i look through the recipe file, on line, in the magazines and cookbooks and nothing inspires. even when i've been eating out lately nothing really floats my boat.

i think it must be the switch to fall. the body is trying to adjust, trying to figure out just how thick a layer of blubber to lay down. all i've been craving during the day is pasta, and that just makes me feel bloated. where a few weeks ago i could have been happy with the fresh fruits of the late summer harvest i now couldn't care less about them. prime apple season and i just don't want any.

tonight's dinner was a quickie, and a cheat since it was mostly store-bought: grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy tomato soup from a carton. granted, no growth hormones in the cheese, organic bread, organic tomato soup but it takes no skill to heat these things up, satisfying as they are.

i did doctor the soup by crushing some fresh garlic cloves into it, tapping in some dried basil, and topping the servings off with some grated romano. and if i pan fry a sandwich in butter until it's all gooey, cheesy goodness why is it called grilled?

i know it's just a spell, a patch. soon ideas will be springing out of my head like demented arcimboldo jack-in-the-boxes, and the change to daylight savings time will bring about the ceremonial return of shepherd's pie, and there will be birds to roast and hot cocoa to mix.

but this week i think it's all about the quick and easy. there are, however, some brown bananas that may need to be rescued...
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