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Monday, January 01, 2007

it's cheese, it's a ball, it's a ball of cheese. what more do you want?

this is something i've made traditionally for the last couple years as a new year's buffet item. i don't recall making it any other time of the year, though zuska may contradict my memory. there isn't really any reason not to make this for any kind of a party. a little prep the night before, a little the next day, a plate and some crackers and you're set.

have the dairy ingredients at room temperature, then mix them in a small bowl until completely blended.
add the liquids and mix again. it may look a little too wet, but that's okay. trust me.
cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate. 4 hours is the minimum, overnight is best.
take the now solidified cheese out and shape into a ball.
set the chopped nuts out in a thin layer on a prep area and roll the ball over them until the ball is coated with nuts.
take any remaining nuts and set them onto a small serving plate, rest the ball on the nuts.
serve with any crackers you like. zuska prefers carr's water crackers because they are sturdy, bland and allow you to taste the cheese. i am partial to wheat thins (baked, not fried, and that goes for the crackers as well) but a buttery ritz-type cracker is also a good choice.

and happy new year to you working off the roman calendar.
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