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Monday, November 13, 2006
  oops-i-forgot-a-side-dish corn & black-eyed peas salad
for some reason i thought i'd posted this some time back, but there it is sitting in the draft file. apologies if you're getting deja vu (and hopefully not that crappy deja vu ABC is trying to ram down our throats via the "lost replacement show "day break").

like it says. zuska was planning to make her corned beef reuben sandwiches and i forgot to plan a side dish for them. she was on her way home and i had 20 minutes. i looked around the kitchen to see what we had and pulled this together.

chop the onion and place in an appropriate-sized serving bowl
add the oil and vinegar to the onions and let marinate for 10 minutes
(add parsley and bell pepper to the marinade, if using)
drain the peas in a colander
use the can to measure an equal amount of frozen corn, add to the peas and rinse together
add the corn and peas to the marinade and toss to mix
salt and pepper to taste

makes 4 servings in less than 15 minutes
kid tested and approved


believe me, the corn doesn't need to thaw first, in fact it helps chill the dish nicely for serving. obviously if you're not using immediately it can be covered in plastic and stored as long as 24 hours in the refrigerator.

i know i didn't invent this recipe, but i couldn't tell you when or where i first came across it. martha's everyday food? rachel ray? it really did have more to do with what was in the house at the time (not much) and how much time i had to prep.

i am of the opinion that this could go well atop fish tacos, but i might be alone in this
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