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Monday, January 29, 2007
  best. soup. ever. (according to the fam)

a week or so ago e. requested i make potato leek soup. had i ever made it before? i couldn't remember. it took a while and then i found a recipe and made it. they liked it, but they didn't love it.

"i thought it was something else, something you made before that i liked."


after some discussion i came to realize that what was requested was a chicken-leek-tarragon soup that i had made before. it was a soup i had winged, not from a recipe. i wasn't exactly sure of the measurements and such so i winged it again, keeping tabs of what i was using in the off chance it was the much loved and requested soup.

decision: best. soup. ever. here's the recipe:

chicken tarragon and leek soup (oh, and garlic, too) heat the oil in a soup pot over medium heat
toss in the leeks and cover to sweat them, a couple of minutes until just soft
add the chicken and stir
season a bit with salt and pepper, not too much; add the tarragon and continue cooking for about 7 minutes (seven? why not 8, or 6?)
add the broth and carrots and increase heat to bring to a boil; if using fresh green beans add them now, otherwise wait... wait...
put the garlic into the soup and stir
once soup is boil turn down to simmer for about 10 minutes; drop the frozen green beans in a couple minutes before serving

that's it.
this served 4 people with NO LEFTOVERS, it's apparently that good.
even for kids

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No leftovers, and the kids fought over the dregs in the pot. FOUGHT over them. Required my assistance in making sure it was 50/50. Even though I would have liked some :(
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