one man's ceiling
Sunday, May 20, 2007
  2 B or not 2 B

it's been a while since i've been here and a couple times this week i've been wondering whether or not to continue. yes, i'm considering retiring one man's ceiling.

when i started i was looking to jump into the blog world and see what the waters were like. at the same time i also started another blog that was more "professional" in that it dealt with the field i am hoping to make my full-time livelihood one day. it has absolutely nothing to do with food.

i considered folding this blog gently into the professional blog, a mixture of food, family and work. doing so, however, would take away from the other blog's focus and i could see myself slowly dropping the food and family elements as a way of becoming more "centrist' in my blog.

i have enjoyed having this blog and in having a place where i could talk about food and keep the recipes, and i've certainly enjoyed the interaction with friends and strangers alike.

i won't go out on this note. i'm going to let the decision go another week or so. in the days leading up to june 1st i am open to any encouragement, suggestions or comments from those of you (i see you on sitemeter!) who visit regularly. i may even have a post or two left in me even if i do finally call it quits.

until then...
Aw. No, don't ditch the ceiling! I like reading it! C'mon...

I guess, on the other hand, if you really are just sick of it then that's another matter. Are you spending "too much time" blogging? Is the success of your other blog dwarfing this one? Do you care about whether it is successful, anyway?


For purely selfish reasons, I hope you keep the site up and keep adding to it--for whatever reasons (ones I can't even quite put my finger on) I enjoy reading it.

And, if you are to close it down, please don't make it disappear immediately! I would like to go through it and find your recipes and copy some of them--and that will take me a while to do because I won't even have time to totally go through your blog 'til the end of the school year at the end of next month!

As I am neither a friend or relative of yours, you may wonder how I ever got to your blog and ended up being a fairly regular reader.

I took a course in Nov. in vlogging and was required to produce a vlog. I did a lovely one which I've kept private--it's aimed at my family which is scattered all over the world. The problem was that I needed a "public one" for the class to access. So I made a series of terrible vlog posts about ceilings (done by actually shooting various ceilings)--very short videos (didn't want to be guilty of adding too much crap to the "information superhighway") that I hoped no one would acutally want to look at... As the theme of the blog was "ceilings," and as I had to have a blogroll on the site, I looked for any other blogs or vlogs that had the word "ceiling" in their titles--and up came yours--which, I, in turn, linked to. Of course I had to peek at it (especially because one or two others with "ceiling" in their titles were just too awful to link to), and found it engaging, and from there became a regular reader (I have even linked it to my "private" blog/vlog).

I think it's interesting that one other "ceiling" blog that I linked to was also engaging, and led me, in turn, to the "professional" site of its author which I also read regularly!

So--please keep at it (altho' I do know that keeping a personal site up for a long time can become a drag), or at least keep the blog in existence for a few more months.

Many regards from a regular reader!
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