one man's ceiling
Monday, June 04, 2007
  i'm out
for the past seven months, with varying frequency, i have been logging my personal (mostly private culinary) adventures here at one man's ceiling. at the time i created this blog i also created another entirely separate blog which was aimed at my "professional" interests in children's literature.

for the first three or four months i volleyed between the two blogs, posting several times a week on each. my hope was to keep a firewall between the two worlds, where i could remain personal on one site and critical on the other. this probably runs counterintuitive to the blogging world but it was the way i wanted to proceed. and while it was easy to keep the two worlds separated it was difficult to maintain the posting demand for both.

in the end there was very little interest in my personal blog and increasing interest in my professional blog. i suppose having a built-in audience to tap into might have had something to do with it. but as my personal time was limited, when it came time to blog if i had to choose between which to post to i began to defer to the other blog.

i knew this would never take off and become some great cultural nexus. this blog wasn't build for speed or fame or controversy; it wasn't designed to poke, prod or assault; and it certainly wasn't envisioned as some great stepping stone toward something larger. it was my personal little letter to the world, centered around my general enjoyment of food, and it was fun for a while.

there comes a point, however, where a tipping point is reached, where a thing begins to take on a new dimension, a new life of it's own. the amassing of a number of elements -- internal and external, and from a variety of sources and influences -- has made it so that i now feel more compelled to spend my time and energies elsewhere. the other blog is only part of the picture, but an important and integral part.

i suppose i've known for a while this blog was coming to an end. perhaps not an end but a prolonged hiatus, though to be honest i don't foresee when it will be coming back. i've enjoyed my time here, and the occasional feedback from friends and strangers alike, and have never felt it a burden or an obligation. but the time has come to move along.

if you have gotten this far then i have to assume you might actually care enough to wonder what else i've been up to. fair enough. let me know you're truly interested and i'll pass along the name and url of the other blog in my life.

thanks for noticing me.

One man's ceiling
is another man's floor.
One man's wall
is another man's door.
One man's dark
is another man's light.
One man's wrong
is another man's right.
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